"Music soothes the mind, opens the mind and when it is necessary rouses to action"

Agrippa von Nettesheim

About me

Music is for me not only a coherent sequence of sounds which we hear. Music is an art. I try to express the artist’s feelings and evoke good emotions in people’s hearts. I think that appropriate selection of songs is a basis for a great party. Moreover the contact with audience is also very important. I have learned and got an experience how to select and play recorded music for an audience.

My adventure with music started in primary school where I played music at school discos. Then I understood that I want to became a deejay in the future. In 1997 I found a tutor (DJ Viagra). He played in club called “Compakt” (nowadays there is a hotel called “Villa Riviera”). DJ Viagra taught me how to became professional DJ. I got a huge knowledge about the subject and served an apprenticeship. More importantly I evolved my own music style. I became also a resident DJ in the club “Compakt”. I was really happy because there was an excellent turnout at the party and people liked music which I played. Even though the club “Compkt” didn’t exist any more, I still cooperate with the owner and play at various types of parties in the Hotel “Villa Riviera”. Music became my great passion and my positive motivation let me play at the parties. I was a resident DJ in club “Promil” in Bratkowice and then in club “Piramida” in Dynów. Nowadays I am a famous resident DJ in club “Figaro” in Rzeszow. Besides I play from time to time in club “Pod Palmą” (Rzeszow). Moreover, I am a member of DJ Promotion.


DJ Mały – at present

I had a professional musical equipment: DJ mixer and excellent sound system. I play various type of music but especially the retro music (the sixties and nineties), the Latino music and the famous current songs. I have a huge collection of songs, so I can guarantee a great party and dance for everyone. I play at the weddings, on the company parties, on New Year’s Eve, at birthday, at the school discos, at the high school prom, at the halfway parties and at the balls.

According to me, music is a reflection of human’s soul and the music which play in it. I get involved in DJ’s business. I choose the songs suitably and every party is successful. I can guarantee that when I play at the parties, people have fun, spend a great time and have wonderful memories.